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Get your perfect smile with expert veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells, typically made of porcelain or composite resin, adhered to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. They’re used to conceal imperfections like discoloration, chips, or gaps, providing a natural-looking, uniform smile.

They’re ideal for enhancing the shape, size, and color of teeth, achieving a radiant smile. Veneers offer a durable and stain-resistant option, effectively transforming smiles and boosting confidence. Whether for cosmetic enhancement or to address minor dental issues, veneers provide a versatile solution for achieving a flawless smile.

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Our Services

A check-up is a non-specific appointment to assess your oral health and detect problems early on.

A consultation is to address specific concerns or explore specific treatment options with the dentist. Show me more.

Maintain your bright smile and oral health with expert teeth cleaning. Regular cleaning is important because it removes plaque and tartar, leading to healthier gums and teeth. Show me more.

Restore your tooth integrity with expert fillings. Our experienced dentists carefully perform the procedure, ensuring comfort and a swift return to your normal oral function. Show me more.

A root canal procedure involves removing infected pulp from a tooth's root, relieving pain and preserving the tooth's structure. Trust our expert dentists for gentle pain relief. Show me more.

Eliminate toothache with our expert tooth extractions. Our dental team safely and comfortably carries out the procedure to alleviate any discomfort you may be experiencing. Show me more.

Straighten your smile with traditional fixed braces. They correct gaps, rotations, misalignments, and overcrowding. We offer a 20-month payment plan. Show me more.

Clear braces offer discreet teeth straightening using transparent aligners, providing a subtle alternative to traditional metal braces. Show me more.

Restore your oral function and improve the look of your smile with our custom-fitted dentures. Our skilled dentists provide expertly crafted dentures that best fit your needs and preferences. Show me more.

Strengthen your weak or damaged teeth with our custom crowns. Our dental team creates and fits crowns designed to blend seamlessly with your teeth. We focus on both the functionality and appearance of your smile. Show me more.

Fill in the gaps left by the lost teeth with our expertly crafted bridges. Our dedicated dental team provide impeccable care in designing and securing your dental bridges. Show me more.

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening (home-kit or in-chair). Our specialist services provide a faster and more evident change than over-the-counter solutions. Your results last longer. Includes a maintenance home kit. Show me more.

Transform  your smile with our expert dental veneers. Our dentists craft veneers tailored to fit comfortably and give you your dream smile. Show me more.

Our practices are open Monday - Friday, and on specific Saturdays. We accept walk-ins and same-day appointments. We will always try and accommodate you if you have an emergency.

If you have severe tooth pain, cheek swelling, or trauma such a chipped tooth from a fall or broken bridges, book or call now.

Are you unsure exactly what is wrong or what you need? Our dentists will do a thorough exam, diagnosis, and treatment.

Dental conditions include problems like cavities or gum disease, needing care from a dentist to diagnose and treat effectively. Others conditions include: bleeding gums, tooth ache, and swollen check. Book a consultation.

Our Dental Prices

Prices provided are estimates and subject to change based on patient assessments. Excludes dental lab fees and/or retainers unless specified. 2024 lab fee prices pending.

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Veneers (includes lab fees) Price *
Consultation (including pan x-ray) R1,200.00
1 Veneer R6,000.00
2 Veneers R10,800.00
3 Veneers R15,500.00
4 Veneers R18,800.00
5 Veneers R23,000.00
6 Veneers R27,300.00
7 Veneers R31,500.00
8 Veneers R35,800.00
9 Veneers R40,000.00
10 Veneers R42,600.00

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