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Get affordable family doctor services near you on Cape Road, Mount Croix. Consultation is R540.

We accept medical aids | Walk-ins and same-day appointments accepted | Mon- Friday 

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The Back Clinic

Dr. Anna Papadopoulos: The GP with a Gentle Touch

Dr Anna Papadopoulos is a dedicated general practitioner who offers her expertise at the A7 Health Medical Centre, located at 127 Cape Road in Mount Croix. As a general practitioner, Dr Anna Papadopoulos places great emphasis on routine check-ups to ensure the well-being of her patients. Appointments with Dr Anna are often available on the same day. Patients can conveniently book a GP appointment online. Dr Anna is known for her compassionate care and commitment to the health and satisfaction of her patients.

Our Services

Our general consultation service evaluates your overall health. The doctor assesses you and provides personalised treatment. 

Expert guidance and personalized care for individuals dealing with long-term health conditions, aimed at enhancing their quality of life and preventing complications.

Comprehensive approaches to address and alleviate persistent pain, combining medical interventions, lifestyle adjustments, and therapeutic strategies tailored to individual needs.

Holistic healthcare services catering to the unique needs of seniors, including preventive measures, chronic disease management, and support to promote well-being in the elderly population.

Comprehensive mental health support, ranging from counseling and therapy to medication management, fostering emotional well-being and addressing various mental health concerns.

Dedicated care for infants, children, and adolescents, including routine check-ups, and management of common childhood illnesses to ensure the optimal health and development of young patients.

Confidential and non-judgmental services addressing various aspects of sexual health, including education, counseling, and preventive measures to promote overall well-being.

Comprehensive women's healthcare services encompassing preventive screenings, reproductive health, family planning, and management of women's health conditions.


Specialized healthcare services focusing on men's specific health issues, including preventive screenings, reproductive health, and management of conditions affecting men.